Almond and chocolate, bread and butter pudding. It looked so delicious, I ate it with my fingers straight from the plate. The plate was headed for another table at the time, but it was that delicious-looking. (I didn’t really do that.)
Treacle tart. How can you resist it? I didn’t. That’s why there’s a big chunk missing.
Someone else’s apple and rhubarb crumble and custard. This was real custard made in a saucepan on the stove as we watched. The reason for my abstinence was my loathing for rhubarb. But my guest scraped his plate clean.
Lemon polenta cake. They serve it with cream as a dessert.
Panna cotta with plums. Unbelievably subtle and delicious. I never wish to consider crème caramel as a dessert option again.
Rice pudding! What to say? I always have a second helping, and then I beg them to hide the rest in the fridge so I can order it again the next day.
Sherry trifle. Not that stodgy jelly with bread crumbs suspended in it and covered with yellow paste, which restaurants usually serve. This sherry trifle was just … aaah! And ‘trifle’ is a completely misleading word with regard to the amount of sherry in it.
I am almost too ashamed to show you this peach crumble. (They left me in charge of the cream pouring.)
A tray of chocolate bread and butter pudding just out of the oven. It is difficult to judge scale from this photo, so let me tell you each of those dollops of chocolate is the size of a 50 pence piece.
A chocolate pot! The lip of that pot looks a bit suspect, doesn’t it? But I was too busy dredging up chunks of thick chocolate through the sea of cream to notice. ‘Dredging’ is one of those words that just never sounds positive. But this case is the exception.