Comforting desserts

The world is crumbling – not in the nice apple and blackberry way – around you, your internet connection is down, nobody loves you, etc … but then the waitress comes along with a comforting dessert,  a dessert like your mother made.

Suddenly, everything feels better. Who needs the internet anyway? Everyone loves you really.

And that’s all down to the dessert!  Here are some desserts from the magical kingdom of Clerkenwell Kitchen.

Rice pudding and some kind of compote but I can’t remember which (anyway, roughly what we used to call jam)
Sherry trifle. It took Emma just 20 minutes to make a batch. I think most of that involved holding an open bottle of sherry upside down over the mixing bowl.
This is not strictly ‘comforting’ per se. More like, aesthetically pleasing for us more refined types.
Bread and butter pudding. Probably brioche rather than Hovis. So, quite exotic, but very delicious.


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  1. I agree. Rice pudding is the ultimate comfort food. Strawberry jam is the perfect accompaniment. Takes me back to my school days when I looked forward to the puddings

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