Meat + veg

Pork belly, with mashed potato, umm yum … and gravy, uumm yum yum, and … cavalo nero!? … you have got to be joking!
And now on a plate, served with braised chard and butter beans.
A very succulent pork chop with cabbage and mashed potatoes.
And here we are again, a few weeks later, with another succulent pork chop on top of broccoli and an aubergine concoction whose name I forgot to note down.
Slow roast lamb shoulder, potato dauphinois, and salsa verde
Gammon with coleslaw and sautéed potato salad.
Meatballs made with lamb and – interestingly – pistachios. It really was a very delicious combination. It also came with very tangy tomato sauce and a lot of charred bread.