• Pork and fennel ragout with fettuccini. Fortunately, heavy on the pork and light on the fennel – a vastly overrated vegetable with no nutritional or any other value whatsoever. Does anyone ever lie in bed thinking ‘hmm, I really fancy some fennel for dinner this evening.’ Does anyone ever go home after a dinner party, saying to themselves, “that was a terrible evening … but at least it was partly redeemed by the fennel, that was the bright spot.”
Lasagna al forno – or is it lasagne, I’m never sure. (In a few minutes it will be academic.)
This is a different beef lasagne. I’m eating it as I type and it is delicious. But is there any way to photograph lasagne and make it look pretty? I haven’t uncovered it, that’s for sure.
Orecchiette pasta with cauliflower and chilli. ‘Orecchiette’ is Italian for ears. So this is cauliflower ears!