I don’t know if I will ever end up on death row – life takes some amazing turns, after all – but if I do, they’ll be sending to The Clerkenwell Kitchen for my last meal, and it will be shepherd’s pie.
You know when they say ‘pie filling’ and you think they must mean it in an ironic way? Well, Clerkenwell Kitchen pies brim over with meaty, saucy, filling. And they are topped with crispy pastry.
Pies are not all full of meat. This is a vegetarian shepherd’s pie, made with lentils, mushrooms and carrots, and (speaking with all the prejudice and condescension of a committed meat-water) surprisingly tasty.
Beef and ale pie. They make them in individual pots. I hate trying to eat pies through the top. It’s like trying to do an autopsy. So I had it decanted onto a plate. It even looks more delicious this way.
Chicken and leak pie, decanted out of its individual pot and onto my plate.