Ham hock in broth. Heavy on the hock, light on the broth. (But they gave me an extra jug of broth, just in case.)
Boeuf bourguignon and mashed potato. It just takes over the plate like a delicious monster.
Braised beef with white wine tomatoes and saffron plonked on top of a sand dune of (because I am bored with people saying ‘bed of’) polenta, with lots of Parmesan in it – which made it super-delicious. (So good, I had it the next day as well.)
Lamb, Swiss chard, and cannellini bean, stew, with charred bread on the side.
Irish stew with lots of barley. I really like barley and always go for anything with it in because it is so rare to come across it on restaurant menus. I like its strange bouncy chewinesss.