There is something vegetarian on The Clerkenwell Kitchen menu every day of the week. I am not vegetarian myself. But even if you are a meat eater, you will find that many vegetarian dishes are dazzling displays of marvellous flavours and textures, which you just don’t get to experience if you stick too religiously to meat and veg all the time.

Courgette and feta cheese fritters with a handful of watercress, tomatoes, and civilized mayonnaise. (I draw a line at aioli, yukh.) Anyone who thinks vegetarianism is boring should try some food like this which is deliciously tangy.
Mushroom and cheese frittata
Tomato and bean soup with parmesan biscuits
North African vegetable stew with carrots, cauliflower, charlotte potatoes, and all sorts of other things, on top of a valley of rice – and I nearly forgot the dollop of yoghurt.
Not just a shepherd’s pie. Not even a vegetarian shepherd’s pie. It’s a vegan shepherd’s pie. And it is delicious (even to a devoted fan of The Clerkenwell Kitchen’s minced lamb shepherd’s pies, such as myself).